My first experience with the paranormal began when I was 5 or 6 years of age. I lived on the 3rd floor of this old building in Fall River, MA ( 113 Kilburn St.) The events began whenever I had to go to bed. I always had a night light in my room for having fears of what was in the dark NOT the dark itself. The night light casted shadows in my room which is normal, however some of these shadows were strange. I would make shadow puppets on the wall near my bed whenever I couldn't fall asleep right away. Strange shadows began to appear as if to mimick or interact with the shadows I was making. Being a child I thought this was fun I had magical friends to play with. Well.... after awhile these figures began to show up during the day running from one end of my room to the other. Still I was not affraid, until one day I was looking out my screened window just watching the other kids playing outside next door. I felt a feeling of being scared come over me and then found myself hanging by my feet OUT the window. Yep my little shadow friends decided to give me a push! I went through the screen and as I was falling my feet swung up and hit the old window causing it to slam down on my ankles. Thank God for the old wooden windows with the weights on rope, otherwise I wouldn't be here telling you this story. My mother heard me screaming bloody hell and came into my room to rescue me. She was very angry and told me to stay away from the windows! I told her that I looked out it all the time and never fell before. I explained to her that I had something in my room and it pushed me! She didn't believe me until she began to experience strange things in the house herself. We moved from the old house before I was ten and never spoke of the experiences again.

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