I have had nights when I try to sleep and soon as I close my eyes I start seeing all these gray faces coming towards me and they are screaming and crying and have a look of fear and confusion on there faces, this has been happening most of my life but more so since i have been doing more in the paranormal field.

I was told once by someone that I might be a beacon of light that they see in a distance and possible that they start coming towards me (the light) and are trying to ask for help, wanting to know where they are and what happened to them. it gets so bad some nights i have to get up and clear my mind and find something to occupy me and it does work some nights but not always.

I have also wondered about the dreams I have had when someone who is dead is trying to tell me something but nothing comes out of there mouths, there mouths are moving but no voices, I actually have had this happen a few days before an investigation and turns out this same person who is dead in my dreams was somehow connected to the investigation.

I also have had them try to speak to me without any investigation coming up, just the other day a woman with a pageboy haircut(black hair) wearing what looked like 80's clothing and was just standing there looking at a juke box and smiling at me, then she came towards me trying to tell me somrthing but yet again no voice. I wish i could hear what they are saying to me but havent yet.

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