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see the pendulum swinging? this was taken during an Investigation at Green Cove Springs Jail in Green Cove Springs, Fl

I have been around the Paranormal since childhood and I have noticed since becoming Wiccan 6 yrs ago for some reason my connection with spirits is much stronger. I didn't start using my pendulum until 2 yrs ago and when I pick it up, I instantly get responses and my team mates at the time(When I was Owner of Jacksonvillr Ghosthunters) said I was a summoner, which I prefer better then being called a sensitive or medium, they are overused words. In the picture our team was at Green Cove Springs Jail in Florida, a great place we have been there many times and always have gotten evidence and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to go in there like alot of places who charge for teams to go in. 10.00 a person for donations to the museum there. as you can see in the photo the pendulum is in mid-swing after I asked a question.

we have gotten some great evp's there and i hope next time I am in Florida to make a return trip.

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