I was having these dreams and they were horrible and violent about a man cutting up women chopping off fingers and screaming and a green dart car with primer on the passengers side and I kept seeing signs saying Sonoma Valley then I would wake up, well just before my dreams i was invited to go to Point Reyes and we were walking on the beach and I saw a womans shoe and piece of clothing lying in the sand at the time I didnt think much of it, I kept having these dreams over and over til one day i walked into our living room and on the news there was a picture of a man they were showing and I told my boyfriend at the time he looked very familiar, he proceeded to say, you don't want to know him they think he is the Point Reyes killer, so I listened to what they were saying an dhe drove a green dart car with primer on one of the doors and he was from the Sonoma Area. Thats when I realized I was dreaming about the murders.

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