I had a dream one day during a nap and I dreamt that there was a knock at the door and a little hispanic girl was crying and I brought her in and she was crying and told me her mommies boyfriend hurt her she was about 3 years old in my dream, it was so sad when she said it as she was pointing to her private area so I consoled her and I suddenly woke up, I noticed it was closed to the Montel Williams show to come on and I didnt want to miss it because it was a new season with new stories, as i turned it on there was a man and woman arguing over custody of there daughter and when they showed the little girl in the green room I couldnt believe it, but it was the same little girl I just dreamt about at the end of the show nothing was mentioned about the abuse by the boyfriend of the mother then an update came on to tell us that the little girl was given to the father because the boyfriend was found to be sexually abusing her.

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