when my son was 9 years old and we lived in Massachusetts I was tired and decided to take a nap, I had a horrible dream he drowned and I was holding him in my arms screaming and I couldnt bring him back, I woke up so scared and freaked out and went running downstairs calling his name but his dad told me that he went fishing with the nieghbor friend I was so mad because he let him ride his bike almost 4 miles away at 9 years old, our car wasnt running at the time so I called my friend and asked her to run me to the Park to get him and my son didnt know how to swim at the time, well when we got there i saw him standing on a ledge with his fishing pole and the rock wall he was standing on was no wider then his foot with no room to move and the water was way over his head so I slowly walked to him without yelling his name I didnt want to startle him and grabbed his arm and pulled him off the ledge and told him he had to come home. I think if it wasnt for my dream and waking up when I did I would of lost my son that day.

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