I had something happen on June 11th 2010 I want to share, but before that I need to mention a couple of nights before I had a dream that a Dead woman was following me around and she was trying to talk to me, I couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me, I had mentioned to my BF Joe, who knows about the things I see and dream about, well anyway we went to a private investigation 2 nights later and we were all sitting around trying to get responses with the client and I suddenly got the name Ruth, well the client said thats my Husbands Mother's name who died when he was a child, and now my curiosity is going and I asked her if I could see a picture and she pointed to the wall, and sure enough, there she was! at first I didnt say anything, I just took a close up pic of the photo and went outside to get a better look, when I confirmed that she was the woman I dreamt about, it threw me for a loop and I started to cry, Joe came out and asked what was wrong and I told him. The client came out and I told her about the woman in the photo being the woman I dreamt about, as a matter of fact before all this started I actually mentioned my dream to her the night before, being not only was she a client but a friend who I met last year. I told her that the woman in my dream was wearing dk blue pants and a dk blue sweater with long sleeves and buttoned up the front, well that was what she wore to work as part of her uniform and that she worked at the airport, so again validation, I asked if she died of stomach cancer, or something to do with her stomach because for the last couple days my stomach has been nauseated and was told how strange you mentioned that because her husband, called it stomach cancer all the time and it was an illness in her bowels that was eating away at them, I had also mentioned that in my dream she looked to be in her late 30's, well she was 45 which could be easily mistaken in my perception she looked late 30's. when this happens to me, it still shocks and freaks me out, especially when people around me know what just happened and I don't have to just tell my stories and expect them to believe me, because they saw it first hand themselves and having witnesses to say it, makes me feel validated.

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