Okay, I have just looked at another Orb Photo again and I am probably going to get alot of haters because of what I am about to say.

First of all an orb is not paranormal it is a manifestation of energy, now instead of focusing on the orb, we should be focusing on what is happening around it, because if anything is going to manifest, it will be spirit activity using the natural energy of the orb or orbs to manifest.

in the days of polaroids and 35 mm camera's, if we got something that looked like an orb it was very exciting, but now today using digital cameras that pick up every dust particle or moisture in the air is 99% not an orb or orbs. Let's think about it, look in the past with photo's compared of photo's today, now do you see the difference? or does everyone think that all of a sudden the orb's have decided to come out of hiding all these years? come on let's be smarter then this. It is so cut and dried! we have too many people including paranormal investigator's jump the gun and showing these so called orb's as evidence of anything paranormal. I think it is we want so bad to find something after a 12 hour night of an investigation that anything like a dust particle will do. Why do you think that on alot of your paranormal t.v shows that these are not even talked about or shown to clients? why? because once again orbs are not paranormal.

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