I've been investigating the paranormal since 2000. My team is now pretty experienced. Since all the TV shows started airing, there have been 1000's of new groups form. Many seem to be simply thrill-seekers. I feel that those people are corrupting the field in lots of ways. In general, most people are judgemental towards anything out of the ordinary. Potential clients may become curious as to what is happening in their homes and wish to seek answers. They may contact a local group to investiaget their premises. IF, when they do, the groups members run around being dramatic, screaming, and creating more confusion instead of less I can imagine the opinion of the client could become less than enthusiastic towards the entire field. Everyone knows that what we see on TV is not reality 100%, but if what happens in real life is even worse and far less professional, this harms all of us who are not thrill-seeking and refrain from dramatics. What do you think?

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