K2 faith

The K2 is too valuable of a tool to disguard.

I have read a few articles of paranormal researchers disguarding their K2's. Tossing their K2's aside without any further use for them. It bothers me when I hear researchers and investigators jumping on the bandwagon to discredit the use of a K2 in an investigation.

I believe it is a good idea for investigators to be their own skeptics and to question/analyze their findings and evidence being collected. However...I believe it would be tragic to push aside an importaint tool that assist in finding evidence to prove a haunting.

It is true that not all readings from a K2 is caused by a haunting. Nearly most paranormal enthusiast realizes this. Spikes on a K2 can be caused by high electromagnitic fields from various sources: high amp/voltaged items (refrigerators, stoves, dryers, fuse boxes, high electrical wiring and so on.) Receiving/ sending a call or a tex on a cell phone also can give a spike on the K2 meter. This is not a reason to toss the K2 out the door or into the trash.

On many investigations the K2 meter has proven to me it valuable use in collecting evidence to prove a location to be haunted. Like many of us, I have observed the K2 spike responding to direct questions on que and then not spike again until it is time to respond to the next question. Like many of us, I have observed the K2 give an exact level of a spike to the requested color of light. many of us, I have observed these types of k2 responces in locations where there should not be any electromagnitic fields including cemeterys located miles and miles embedded deep into wooded locations, far from any type of source that would give a reading.

I say again...the K2, over the years, has proven it's value of being a great tool to assist the paranormal investigator. It is up to the investigator using the K2 to use good judgement and common sence when reading the K2 to determine the cause of the spikes. We are problem solvers and thinkers....therefore...when the k2 spikes, question why it spiked, investigate possible interference and keep an open mind if there is no possible explaination... your K2 just might be giving you the evidence that you are seeking.

One other thing...don't allow yourself to be lead by some high profile paranormal celebrity in thinking that you should be investigating like them. Your technics are just as importaint and as helpful as their technics.

Thank you,

Chris McDaniel of Creepy Legends Paranormal Research

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