The Listowel Ripper refers to the murder of Jessie Keith in 1895, near the town of Listowel

The murderEdit

In the small town of Listowel, Ontario. A peasant woman uncovers the body of a dead little girl, who is severely mutilated. She quickly calls in the police. Insp. Lyndon Smires is called to investigate the murder. Smires cannot find any leads on the murder. But then he starts getting reports about a strange drifter carrying a black valise. One witness claimed he saw the man muttering to himself about "power" and "notorious". Smires finally decides to question the drifter when one witness claims she saw him wearing female clothing. The drifter reveals himself as Alemda Chattelle and tells Smires that "your the one who this valise is for". Smires discovers the girl's clothes and belongings, including a small pocket knife. Smires questions Chatelle, who confesses to killing her and a number of other victims in other towns. Chatelle pleaded guilty to the murder an was sentenced to death. His hanging was the first execution to take place at the new Stratford Jail, and his remains were interred in the yard of the prison

The hauntingsEdit

A woman, featured on the paranormal reality show, Creepy Canada told of an account when she walked into a cemetery with her dog and discovered a ghostly girl dancing around a gravestone. This girl is believed to be Chatel's last victim. An employee at Stratford Jail said she saw a man appear in the prison holding a black valise and glaring at her menacingly. The man soon became transparent and disappeared. She later was shocked to find a record of the Listowel Ripper in files, exactly the same man.

In popular cultureEdit

  • A documentary entitled "The Listowel Ripper" was featured as a segment on Creepy Canada