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The Girly Ghosthunters was a 30-minute Canadian paranormal TV series. It was first broadcast on Friday, January 14, 2005, on the Canadian SPACE speciality channel. The thirteenth and last episode was broadcast April 15, 2005. The show featured four young women visiting alleged and/or documented haunted locations in the province of Ontario. To visit these locations, they have a motorhome with the Girly Ghosthunters logo on the sides, driven by a guy named Schultzy. Also, they used modern ghost hunting equipment, in an attempt to document any existence of ghosts, apparitions and other phenomena in any of those places. Before doing so, they interviewed a few people at each locale to understand the history of the building and hear how the place was haunted. After the investigation was over, you are shown any evidence they collected from the chosen location they feel was, in their opinions, has paranormal activity. YOU DECIDE (this is the preamble for each group of evidence at the end of each episode) for yourself whether it is true or an elaborate hoax. The show was produced by Buck Productions, Inc.

The Four Girly Ghosthunters and MascotEdit

  • Dana Matthews: The "spiritualist." Her favourite ghost detection tool was the divining rods. In the show's introduction, it was named as the dousing rods. They are one and the same.

  • Corrie Ashton Matthews: The "scientist." She is the sister of Dana and her favourite tool was the Digital camera.

  • Jen Kieswetter: The "researcher." She was the main person responsible for giving the other girls information about the places they were going to investigate. Her favourite tool was the digital audio recorder.

  • Nicole Dobie: The "adventurer." Her favourite tool was the specialized Pendulum that looked like the foucault's pendulum with a board to let a "spirit" answer any questions the holder asked.

  • Gnomie: The Girly Ghosthunters' mascot. It was a typical garden gnome.

Other Ghost Hunting Equipment UsedEdit

  • An infrared camera - used very briefly in Episode 5 and in very short intermission spurts within an episode.


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