In the cold and crazy winter of 2011, I had a great group of investigators come to my home to see what all the noise coming from the house seemed to be. I can feel things around me and can hear and see them, I can feel their emotions.

Alas, they were around 50 evps's recorded, though at the end, only 15 were great enough to listen to and hear what was actually being said and also what was going on. They spooked me at first, but was neat to find out who was in my home, the why has never been found. A psychic medium came in and held conversation with one and asked questions of others, and got answers, very truthful answers, it was amazing!

Now, on full moons, I can get assure you, my home, there is no loss of activity, paranormal, that is. A couple of nights ago, my old cuckoo clock, (dubbed the "ghost clock" by the investigators), started up, the cones and chains swinging like crazy. This clock is shut off and the batteries have been dead for a long time, but periodically, it will start up and may run anywhere from a day to a few days......then all of a sudden, stop working.

I now look forward to losing a night of sleep on the full moon

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