Hello paranormal community, allow me to introduce ourselves. We are Located in Oklahoma based out of Norman. We were founded several years ago by Anita Tallbull. Anita has been active in the paranormal community for over 30 years, she has appeared in several of the Booth Brothers documentary films the latest being Soul Catcher. N.A.T.S has been featured on the Animal Planets show The Haunted. The mission of our team is to be of service to those who need are help. Let us start by setting out our goals, we hope to erase some of the stigma associated with the paranormal in our community; we are a group grounded by the belief that not everything is paranormal. We believe that a lot can be explained by natural occurrences. Before any conclusions are drawn; we initiate an interview process and conduct research on the location, either through the library or historical society. If it is determined that there is an occurrence that is beyond natural explanation, we will coordinate an investigation of the location. Once the investigation is complete, we review and document our findings. We then coordinate a time to meet with our clients and provide feedback on any and all findings. If we find proof of any kind of haunting and further help is requested, we have an extensive list of friends and colleagues across the nation that we can contact and provide further help to the client. Our list includes Native American Medicine people, religious clergy of several faiths, even demonologists if needed. We do all of this free of charge as a service to our clients. Most of the people on our team have had some kind of paranormal experience and it is because of this that each has devoted most of their free time to helping others find answers. We are a no-gimmick organization and what you get from us is upfront honesty. We can be contacted at 1 405 227 3670 or at

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