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Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders is a spin-off series of the paranormal television series, Most Haunted. It ran on LivingTV between 19 June 2007 and 7 August 2007.

Idea Edit

Midsummer Murders was intended to be the 10th series of Most Haunted but it was broadcast as a stand-alone series of the show. It saw the Most Haunted team of Yvette Fielding, David Wells and Dr Ciarán O'Keeffe being led by historian Lesley Smith to rural English and Welsh villages to attempt to solve murder mysteries. Participating in vigils were Most Haunted team members Karl Beattie, Stuart Torevell, Catherine (Cath) Howe and Iain Cash.

Episodes Edit

  1. Stoney Middleton (19 June 2007)
  1. Nantwich (26 June 2007)
  1. Castleton, Derbyshire (3 July 2007)
  1. Pluckley (10 July 2007)
  1. Ruthin (17 July 2007)
  1. Tutbury (24 July 2007)
  1. Tarvin (31 July 2007)
  1. Bakewell (7 August 2007)

Series 2 Edit

Ciaran O' Keeffe recently revealed via a web blog that the team will be filming a new series of Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders in May/June 2010. Locations will include Wrenbury Village and Lavenham.

Lost episodes and DVD Edit

A ninth episode was filmed from Lymm village when the team investigated a victim of Jack The Ripper.

Episode synopsis Edit

  1. Stoney Middleton (19 June 2007): in the premiere episode the team investigates two deaths that of an un-named Scottish pedlar and of Hannah Baddeley.
  1. Nantwich (26 June 2007): the team visits local sites Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker and Churche's Mansion in attempts to solve two separate murders that occurred in the town.
  1. Castleton, Derbyshire (3 July 2007): rumours from the 18th century of miners who were haunted by and later confess to the murder of an engaged couple bring the team to this picturesque town.
  1. Pluckley (10 July 2007): in the "most haunted village" in England, the team goes to the Screaming Woods to investigate a man's death.
  1. Ruthin (17 July 2007): it's the late Victorian era and a man has murdered his wife. Or has he? The team attempts to solve the crime.
  1. Tutbury (24 July 2007): the team investigates a murder over hidden treasure.
  1. Tarvin (31 July 2007): the team attempts to solve the murder mystery of the beheaded women Grace Trig.
  1. Bakewell (7 August 2007): a Christmas holiday ends in tragedy for a local man known for his aggressiveness in the 19th century.

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