• Aatxe (Basque) - A spirit that takes the form of a bull.
  • Abada (African) - Small type of unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo.
  • Afanc (Welsh) - Lake monster (exact lake varies by story).
  • Al (Armenian and Persian) - Spirit that steals unborn babies and livers from pregnant women.
  • Alan (Philippine) - Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children.
  • Alphyn (Heraldic) - Lion-like creature, sometimes with dragon or goat forelegs.
  • Ankou (French) - Skeletal grave watcher with a lantern and a scythe.
  • Antaeus (Greek) - A giant who was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground
  • Arion (Greek) - Extremely swift horse with a green mane and the power of speech
  • Astomi (Hindu) - Humanoid sustained by pleasant smells instead of food
  • Ayakashi (Japanese) - Sea-serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil

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