This article is an episode listing for the Discovery Channel television series A Haunting, with the episodes original air dates included. The program is rated PG (LV) for moderate violence and infrequent coarse language.


Ep# Ep# Title Original airdate Code
S 1 "A Haunting in Connecticut" 2002 S1
In 1986, Ed and Karen Parker move their family into an old Connecticut home to be near the hospital where their teenage son receives cancer treatment. Soon after learning that their residence was once a funeral home, sons Paul and Bobby start seeing ghosts. Paul begins seeing evil entities, including four dark men and a demon called the "Man in the Suit", and his mental health worsens while his physical health begins to improve. Paul begins to spend more time alone and his behavior becomes violent and unpredictable. He writes dark, sinister poetry and even physically attacks his favorite cousin, Theresa. With his behavior becoming increasingly erratic, his parents have him committed to a mental hospital. Before his departure, Paul warns his family that once he is out of the house, the evil will begin to attack everyone else. Sure enough, once Paul is gone, the evil forces inhabiting the house turn on the rest of the family. In desperation, the Parkers contact psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. This story was featured in the 2009 film The Haunting in Connecticut.
S 2 "A Haunting in Georgia" 2002 S2

In 1988, the Wyrick family moves into a new home, which was mysteriously abandoned by the previous owners. Shortly afterward, their four-year-old daughter Heidi begins spending time with an imaginary friend, a kindly old man named Mr. Gordy. Several months later, Heidi is frightened by the appearance of a man at the front door. The man, whose hand is wrapped in bandages and shirt covered in blood, introduces himself as "Khan", but upon investigation, Heidi's mother is unable to find Khan, and dismisses him as a figment of Heidi's imagination. However, shortly after this event, Heidi begins to see images of "the Dark Figure", a man whose face is obscured by a hood. The family believe that there's more to the Dark Figure than just a child's active imagination, after Heidi awakens one night with claw marks on her face; shortly after this incident, her father Andy suffers the same scratches on his side. The entire family soon grows to fear the Dark Figure, although for a long time, Heidi is the only family member who ever actually sees him.

The family contacts William G. Roll, a parapsychologist. Dr. Roll claims that his instruments indicate an unusually high concentration of positive ions in the house, and his research reveals that the house lies near a fault line; an earthquake has created a magnetic field in the area. He theorizes that the haunting is a result of hallucinations caused by the ions creating minor interference with the family's brain function. Roll's claims purport to be more of a scientific explanation than is usually offered in episodes of the series.

However, further research reveals that a kindly old man named Gordy used to serve as caretaker for the property, and that a man named Lon (which Heidi suppposedly misheard as "Khan") once lost his hand in an accident nearby; photos of both men supposedly match Heidi's descriptions, even though they both had died decades before Heidi was even born. In light of these developments, Dr. Roll amends his theory, and claims that the family, especially Heidi, is genetically predisposed toward psychic abilities that allow her to detect "place memories", energy left behind by past events and people that have been "recorded" into the environment. However, Dr. Roll maintains that these are natural conditions, and are neither dangerous nor paranormal in nature.

As years go by, the hauntings, according to the family, become more disturbing. The kindly Mr. Gordy appears less and less as Heidi grows older, until he eventually disappears altogether. The terrifying Dark Figure, however, appears more frequently, and Heidi is no longer the only one who sees him. The ghost of a little girl also appears to several family members. In addition, voices and other sounds disturb visitors to the house and the entire family (even members not living in the house). Dissatisfied with Dr. Roll's explanation, the Wyricks consult two psychics, who independently claim to detect several spirits in the home, some benevolent and some evil. The psychics disagree, however, about the nature of the evil spirits; the first psychic, Amy Allan, does not believe in demons, while the second psychic, who attends Mrs. Wyrick's church, agrees with Mrs. Wyrick's assumption that the evil spirits are demonic. In response, the Wyricks turn to their church for help. The pastor's prayers for the family temporarily put their minds at ease, although when they return home, they realize that, regardless of which explanation of the hauntings is accurate (hallucination, place memory, ghosts, demonic activity), their faith can serve as a comfort, but not as a means of ceasing the hauntings.

Season 1 (2005–2006)Edit

Ep# Ep# Title Original airdate Code
1 1 "Hell House" October 28, 2005 103
The Parker family buys a 19th-century farmhouse in Connecticut, but become targeted by strange occurrences. The family consults world-renowned paranormal investigators, includingEd and Lorraine Warren to find out what is truly in their house.
2 2 "The Haunting of Summerwind" November 4, 2005 102
The Summerwind Mansion lies on the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. A family moves into the mansion, but begin to experience unexplainable phenomena. Their lives are further complicated when the family's father becomes increasingly hostile and insane. The remaining family members are forced to leave the estate, but return years later to search for the truth.
3 3 "Echoes from the Grave" November 11, 2005 105
Convinced that buying a historic home is a dream come true, Ron and Nancy soon learn they're being threatened by unseen forces in a haunting that becomes increasingly intense—and suggests their house is actually a way station between life and death.
4 4 "Cursed" November 18, 2005 104
Romie is looking to buy a home when she stumbles upon a dilapidated piece of property, which immediately infatuates her. After renovating the property, she moves her family in, only to discover that they are not alone. Romie is forced to spend the next several years worrying for the safety of her family. After her grandchild is attacked by an unseen foe, she consults a group of paranormal investigators and mediums, who discover that her stress and anxiety are inviting a negative presence.
5 5 "Darkness Follows" December 2, 2005 106
The diabolical, psychic link between a killer and his victim permeates a recently-renovated Montreal townhouse, and the new owners realize an unhappy ghost and the spirit of a coldhearted murderer are trying to sever family ties, past and present.
6 6 "Lake Club Horror" December 9, 2005 101
A man buys a dance hall in Springfield, Illinois, and renovates it into a rock 'n' roll nightclub. Despite the club's success and popularity, an evil presence begins targeting employees after hours.
7 7 "Gateway to Hell" March 17, 2006 107
In Wilder, KY, country musician Bobby Mackey starts his own nightclub called Bobby Mackey's Music World in an old, abandoned slaughterhouse. While renovating, Bobby's wife Janet and his employee Carl Lawson are physically assaulted by ghosts. Bobby refuses to believe their stories, until his friend Doug Hensley researches the history of the building and learns that two murderers disposed of a victim's remains in the basement.
8 8 "The Diabolical" March 24, 2006 108
Marie Potter, a single mother, lives with her mentally handicapped daughter, Julie, who possesses the ability to communicate to spirits. When odd occurrences begin to disturb the family, Marie's boyfriend begins using an Ouija board to contact spirits. The board inadvertently opens a connection to a demonic entity under the alias "Frank", who begins to torment the family. Despite destroying the Ouija board, the entity continues to torment them. Marie has nightmares of Frank, who is dressed in a black suit and talks with a deep, demonic voice. He says that Marie will no longer be able to protect Julie, and that she is his. He also possesses Marie's boyfriend, through which he confirms that he exists and that Julie is still no longer safe. The family contact demonoligist Dave Considine, who comes to the house along with his research team and a psychic. Throughout the days, they carry out research in the house, and conclude that there is a diabolical spirit in the home, who is using Julie as a pathway to the physical world, and uses the visions and nightmares of the little boy and Frank in order to manipulate the family. The Catholic Church is contacted, and a minor exorcism is done, banishing the demonic spirit. The episode ends with the narrator noting that the family later moved out from their home, and that the exorcism only removed the one demonic spirit; Evil entities still attempt to enter the family's lives through Julie.

[edit]Season 2 (2006)Edit

Ep# Ep# Title Original airdate Code
9 1 "Demon Child" August 10, 2006 201
In Kentucky, Jan and Dale Foster's six-year-old son Cody starts talking to an imaginary playmate, who he names "Man". As the weeks progress, Cody's behavior becomes erratic. At first, the family believes that he has an imaginary friend, however, his sudden outbursts make Jan wonder if there is a correlation to Cody's new "friend". Cody eventually tells his parents that Man was kidnapped, and was presumably tortured and killed. Jan now believes that her son has befriended a ghost of a murdered child, however Dale is not convinced, believing Cody heard the story somewhere else and was repeating it. Jan contacts a Native American shaman, who gives her the tools to rid her house of the spirit. It seemingly works, but after three months, it all starts happening again. Man now begins persuading Cody to cut up his toys, urinate in his closet and attempt to kill the family cat. Jan has enough, and decides that she must confront Man alone in Cody's room. When she enters his room, Man emerges as a demonic-like entity. He grabs hold of her, and after a brief struggle, the rest of the family run into the room responding to her screams, and he disappears. Now convinced that there is an evil presence in the house, Jan contacts the Native American Shaman again, wanting to carry out another cleansing. It works once again, this time permanently. Even though the ritual managed to banish the evil spirit "Man", Jan states that she and her family still continue to hear eerie noises throughout the home. They personally believe it is Man slowly entering their lives once more.
10 2 "Sallie's House" August 17, 2006 202
Young and in love, a Kansas couple move into their first home. They are expecting their first child, but they don't expect what happens next. Soon after the baby's birth, lights begin to turn on, candles light themselves, and toys and dolls move on their own. The ghost of a girl named Sallie warns them of an evil spirit lurking in the shadows.
11 3 "Ghost Soldier" August 24, 2006 205
When Lisa Wilson finds a photograph of a soldier killed in the Vietnam War, she becomes obsessed with a man she's never met. She is convinced that the dead soldier, named Michael, is haunting her—stalking her in her own home. When her two young daughters see Michael in their bedroom late one night, Lisa realizes that her fears are real. Another terrifying clue unearths when her radio emits, instead of music, a military distress call saying they're in an ambush, which Lisa concludes to be the battle Micheal died in. To make matters worse, it soon becomes clear that there is also an evil entity in the house, which strikes by copying Micheal's actions. After a number of terrifying events, Lisa begins to believe that Micheal is trying to protect her and her daughters. Lisa seeks help from a psychic to put Michael's soul to rest and drive out the evil entity once and for all. During the session, Lisa has a terrifying conversation with the evil entity, who calls himself Steven and is copying Micheal to torment Lisa. Micheal drives Steven away and says that Lisa is the gateway to heaven. The psychic manages to make him see the real light. Micheal apologizes to Lisa for scaring her and her daughters and says a tearful goodbye, which makes Lisa break down. She keeps his picture in her room to honor him.
12 4 "Where Demons Dwell" August 31, 2006 204
The year is 1980. Debbie Glatzel and Arnie Johnson are about to start a new life together in a new home in Connecticut. When Debbie's 12-year-old brother David helps them with the move, he has a terrifying encounter with an old man who has hooves for feet. Eventually, the old man transforms into a horned demon and begins to stalk David and the others. David is often punched and thrown about by this unseen entity. The situation escalates as the demon repeatedly possesses David for short periods of time. His possession is confirmed by a priest and a team of paranormal investigators. David becomes more and more violent and must be exorcised to save his soul.
13 5 "House of the Dead" September 7, 2006 206
Thirty-six-year old Billy Bean is unable to put the strange and tragic events of his childhood behind him. In an effort to get some closure on the unspeakable torment he and his siblings endured, he agrees to tell his story on a local radio show, grasping for any clue as to what caused the rapid destruction of his family 30 years earlier in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The story begins in 1970, when seven-year-old Billy moves into a new home with his parents, Patricia and Bill, and his siblings, Patty and Bobby. Everyone is happy in the home until a series of paranormal incidents start to plague the family. Within a few years, Patty, the eldest, flees the house. Billy's father becomes an abusive alcoholic and also vacates the house, leaving his mother to care for Billy and his younger brother Bobby. As life in the house continues to unravel, Patricia becomes the focus of relentless physical attacks by the entities. When nothing works to rid the house of the evil spirits, the family's only option is to leave the house, never to return.
14 6 "Hungry Ghosts" September 14, 2006 203
The Bishops are an affluent, well-educated American family. They don't believe in ghosts – until they move into a mansion in rural Taiwan. As they try to adjust to their new surroundings, Candace Bishop begins to see spectral lights out of the corner of her eye. Soon after, her teenage daughters hear unexplainable footsteps and voices inside the house. They fear that they are being stalked. After the family members finally share their experiences with each other, they turn to a Taoist priest for help. He explains that the house was designed, according to Chinese beliefs about feng shui, to empower the spirits of the dead and torment the living.
15 7 "Dark Forest" September 21, 2006 207
In the mid-1970s, Clara Dandy and her family move into a farmhouse in rural Hinsdale, New York, eager to escape the pressures of city life. But their new home quickly begins to test their courage. A haunting begins with strange chanting sounds in the nearby woods. Soon after, family members see ghostly figures inside the house, and realize that something supernatural is trying to drive them away. The family calls on a psychic, who explains that many people have died in and around the house over the past 100 years. He fears that the spirits may be too powerful to fight.
16 8 "A Haunting in Florida" September 28, 2006 208
Edd and Beth Dunnam believe they have found the perfect home in Deltona, Florida. Within days, Beth grows anxious whenever she's alone. After several paranormal sightings, the couple realizes that something otherworldly has invaded their home. A paranormal investigator verifies the haunting and helps the Dunnams consider their options. Edd tries to protect his pregnant wife by yelling angrily at the unseen spirits. Little does he realize that confronting them only makes them stronger.

[edit]Season 3 (2006)Edit

Ep# Ep# Title Original airdate Code
17 1 "Fear House" October 5, 2006 301
When Steven LaChance and his three kids rent a large house in Union, Missouri, their future seems bright. But unexplained noises and haunting visions quickly become violent, causing them to flee their new home forever. Soon after, Steven is tormented by strange nightmares involving the property. Thinking the dreams are an omen of some kind, he is drawn back to the house, where he finds that another family has moved in. It becomes his personal mission to help them, before the evil that lurks there destroys everyone in its path.
18 2 "The Attic" October 12, 2006 302
Single mother Selena Warner is on a roll when she finds a new house and job in southeastern Michigan, until she discovers her home is haunted by a man who died there under tragic circumstances. She and her sister believe the ghost may be harmless, but little do they know that something truly evil is lurking in the attic. There are 2 ghosts in the house. One, a sad man, the other, a malevolent spirit.
19 3 "Hidden Terror" October 19, 2006 303
Mike Speranza finds the perfect fixer-upper in Corning, NY. After he and his girlfriend Lisa move in, she is plagued by an inconsolable sorrow, uncharacteristic of her. Lisa is unable to pull herself out of the dark depression that has suddenly taken hold of her. At night, Mike hears footsteps running throughout the house and is eventually visited by ghostly figures. As his relationship with Lisa crumbles, the spirits in the house become more brazen, and when push comes to shove, Mike must decide whether to fight or lose his house forever.
20 4 "The Unleashed" October 26, 2006 304
Randy Ervin believes his life is on track after securing a job and moving into his own place in Michigan. When he unearths an Indian burial ground on the property, Randy develops a fascination with the occult. He tries to conjure ancient spirits but unwittingly opens the door to the dark side of the supernatural. Mysterious forces toy with Randy, causing him to question his sanity. But one day, his lust for conjuring the (Evil Spirits) from the Indian burial ground he found in his basement went too far...
21 5 "A Haunting in Ireland" November 2, 2006 305
Three generations of a working-class family share a home in Galway, Ireland. When Martha Fahey gives birth to a baby girl in 1996, the family is suddenly plagued by eerie sounds, flying objects, exploding ornaments and mysterious orbs. Terrifying phenomena are witnessed by neighbours, friends and family members. As news of the haunting spreads, media and ghost enthusiasts flock to the house in Corrib Park, an area associated with Druids in ancient times. The Faheys fight to protect their home of 30 years, intent on battling an invasion by a tormented soul.One after another, priests are called in to help but despite their prayers the ghostly occurrences escalate. Finally they contact Sandra Ramdhanie, the Sunday Mirror Psychic and Holistic consultant. Sandra contacts the spirit baby and performs a Healing ceremony in the house. The haunting spirit is that of a baby, born to a young girl out of wedlock and smothered at birth by the girl's father. After Sandra's healing work, all disturbances immediately cease and the family live peacefully in their home.
22 6 "The Forgotten" November 9, 2006 306
In 2003, April James, her fiancé Matt Brody and April's two sons move into a 100-year-old home in one of Salt Lake City's charming historic districts. Matt, a general contractor, begins remodeling right away. He then discovers a secret part of the house. It's not long before strange noises and ghostly apparitions plague the family at night. The ghosts turn out to be the trapped spirits of several children in the house and one dark man. When the couple tries to fight back, things turn violent, and they are forced to leave the house in the middle of the night. Their only hope becomes a gifted psychic who uncovers the house's dark secret-the man seen had molested the children in the secret room-and banishes the evil hidden there forever.
23 7 "The Wheatsheaf Horror" November 16, 2006 307
In northeastern England, the staff of Wheatsheaf Pub discovers the century-old building is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who was killed by a bartender.The Bartender and Pub's owner's daughter are named Joseph and Jessica. They try to contact her on a homemade Ouija board, but instead unleash the ghost of her killer. The evil entity grows stronger as the staff and two spiritual mediums investigate the little girl's death. The team must decide whether or not to risk their own lives to save her soul.
24 8 "The Possessed" November 30, 2006 308
Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel unknowingly encounters demonic forces while investigating a case. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night. Mary turns to her mentor, John Zaffis, one of the world's leading paranormal experts. He quickly realizes she has become possessed, and believes an exorcism is the only way to save her soul. During the exorcism Zaffis discovers that the demon who has possessed Mary is Belial.
25 9 "The Presence" December 7, 2006 309
Sarah Miller perceives that something supernatural is at work inside her new home, frightening her children in the middle of the night and causing her to doubt her own senses. Her boyfriend's skeptical response causes confusion in the house. It drives a wedge between Sarah and her daughter, as a demonic presence struggles to take control of the family. Sarah seeks help from a religious demonologist, who recognizes the symptoms of a diabolical infestation, and prepares a powerful ritual to expel the evil before it destroys the family from within.
26 10 "The Dark Side" December 14, 2006 310
When Bobby Wilcott buys a historic manor house, he hopes the renovations will bring him and his wife closer together. But the place soon becomes a money pit, straining the relationship. Doors and windows will not stay shut, and the electricity seems to have a mind of its own. The couple tries to ignore irrational explanations ... but Bobby begins to suspect that their home was built on the ruins of an old family cemetery.

[edit]Season 4 (2007)Edit

Ep# Ep# Title Original airdate Code
27 1 "Dark Wrath" August 10, 2007 401
After moving to Caseyville, IL, the recurring nightmares that have plagued Cindy suddenly mirror reality. Cindy and her husband Jake move into a new house in Caseyville, IL, however their daughters sense a dark presence in the closet in their room and Jake becomes possessed and tries to kill her. After Jake has been taken into custody after Cindy divorces him, Cindy begins crying in the bathroom but is shocked to see the image of a dead woman staring at her from a mirror. She goes to a priest who does a cleansing of the house but this only seems to make the spirit stronger and even more angrier and powerful and Cindy with her two daughters leave to her mother's house. A month after Cindy moved out and decides to find another husband. another family came to live in the house but their 3 sons and 2 daughters felt a demonic presence and the family moved out immediately.
28 2 "The Awakening" August 17, 2007 402
In Bloomington, Illinois, Randy and Marcy Wikoff live with real stress everyday, as both work in law-enforcement. But when their son's deployment to the Middle East and a motorcycle accident outside their house test Marcy's emotional breaking point, a sleeping presence awakens to threaten her.
29 3 "The Calling" August 24, 2007 403
Rebecca Lenox leads a fairy-tale life since her recent marriage to Daniel. But it's not long before her ability to see and talk to spirits, a family secret, threatens to break up their happy home.
30 4 "The Apartment" August 31, 2007 404
Newlyweds Bill and Marissa "Icey" Spencer are thrilled when they find a recently renovated apartment on the outskirts of Seattle. But when the couple is confronted by ghostly figures, they can no longer deny that their new home is haunted. They look to paranormal researchers for help.
31 5 "Spirits of the Dead" September 14, 2007 405
Joanne and Jim Whitley dream of owning a horse riding business. They buy an abandoned farm in New Hampshire, and embark on turning their dreams into reality. But soon after renovating the property, Joanne senses a negative presence surrounding her. Soon, it begins to scare off her riders, and attacks her son. She must decide whether to stay and fight, or run away. It is later revealed to be four good spirits (a colonist soldier with his wife, a pioneer girl and a Native American warrior) and an evil spirit, named Samuel who kept the good spirits as slaves in the land.
32 6 "Where Evil Lurks" September 21, 2007 406
Eerie noises and ghostly voices echo through the Shea family's Arkansas home. At first, they are skepitcal, but soon, Jamie finds out from a librarian that the house is in fact haunted by the ghost of a little boy. The activity, however, escalates, and very soon a somewhat connected car crash happens to Jamie and her 11-year old daughter. As her daughter recovers from a damaged vertebrae, more paranormal activities take place, prompting the family to contact paranormal researchers. Through the use of a ouija board, they find out that there is a demonic entity lurking in the home, who names itself Seth. A camera also manages to capture the entity on tape. Now certain that a diabolical presence is in the home, the researchers carry out a ritual. Ultimately, Seth is removed from the house, but the harmless spirits remain. A few months later however, another demonic entity infests the home in place of Seth, forcing the family to leave the home immediately before it can begin to follow and prey on them. In the end, the narrator reveals that another family moved into the house not long after the Sheas left. They told reporters that they heard and saw the harmless spirits, but no evil entities.
33 7 "Spellbound" September 28, 2007 407
Sandra Waldron is fascinated by the supernatural. She lives with her son Gene and husband Steven in a haunted house in Ohio, which only fuels her interest. When she and her husband split, Sandra only dives deeper into the occult, which Gene does not approve of.
34 8 "Echoes of the Past" October 5, 2007 408
In March 2005, Libby and Seán Johnson renovate an old, rundown home in Chester, Vermont. But shortly after moving in, strange noises fill the night. They realize that recent renovation caused the disturbances and turn to Wiccans for help. This story was also used as a setting for an episode of the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.
35 9 "Ghost Hunter" October 12, 2007 409
Paranormal investigator Stacey Jones lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband Lloyd and teenage son Jamie. After Jamie tags along on a cemetery investigation, his life begins to spiral out of control. He later learns that he is slowly becoming possessed by a demon. He even steals from Stacey and calls himself "Bad, bad Jamie". Soon, the demon causes serious harm to Jamie and starts to claw at him nightly. His parents ask him to have an exorcism but he admits he is too scared. One night Stacey puts her hand on his shoulder and he reaches up and holds onto it. She then knows that he has agreed to have the exorcism done.
36 10 "Stalked by Evil" October 19, 2007 410
A ghostly presence watches the McCarthy family from the dark corners of their Corpus Christi, Texas home. Over time, it focuses its wrath on the McCarthy's beautiful teenage daughter, Caressa.
37 11 "Casa De Los Muertos" October 26, 2007 411
In 2005, Latin JazzGuitaristEddie Benitez moves his family to Tempe, Arizona, hoping to resurrect his musical career. But his optimism fades when unexplainable occurrences plague the house and his son becomes gravely ill.
38 12 "Monster in the Apartment" November 2, 2007 412
Twenty-year-old Morgan Knudson is thrilled to finally have an apartment to call home in the Canadian province of Alberta. Her friend Bob seems like the perfect roommate until he tells her that the spirit of an eight-year-old boy has been visiting him at night and his personality dramatically changes.
39 13 "Legend Trippers" November 9, 2007 413
When three Wisconsin teenagers learn of a local legend about a nearby cemetery in Green Lake, WI, they decide to see for themselves if the stories are true. However, they are forced to believe them after they see spirits of children who died of polio and an Indian chief walking around in the cemetery. After a dare of sitting on the mausoleum, and getting pushed off, two teenagers get scared badly and see children who died of polio.

DVD releasesEdit

DVD Title Release Date Released By Notes
Hell House 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
Lake Club Horror 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
Cursed 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
The Haunting of Summerwind 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
Echoes From The Grave 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
Darkness Follows 2005 Discovery Channel Individual episode.
Seasons 1 and 2* September 4, 2007 Timeless Media Group In error, the first shipments didn't include the narration for each episode. Timeless Media corrected the problem by the end of the month.
Seasons 1 and 2 November 2007 Discovery Channel
Ghosts And Demons February 5, 2008 Timeless Media Group
The House February 5, 2008 Timeless Media Group Released in Tin case September 22, 2009.
Meeting The Dead February 5, 2008 Timeless Media Group
Season 3 May 20, 2008 Timeless Media Group
Season 4 September 9, 2008 Timeless Media Group
Seasons 1–4 September 9, 2008 Timeless Media Group
A Haunting in Connecticut September 30, 2008 Echo Bridge Entertainment
A Haunting in Georgia September 30, 2008 Echo Bridge Entertainment
Demon Angels February 10, 2009 Timeless Media Group Released in Tin case September 22, 2009.
House of Fear February 10, 2009 Timeless Media Group Released in Tin case September 22, 2009.
Spirits From The Past May 12, 2009 Timeless Media Group Released in Tin case September 22, 2009.
The Anguished May 12, 2009 Timeless Media Group
Twilight of Evil May 12, 2009 Timeless Media Group Released on Blu-Ray July 14, 2009. Released in Tin case September 22, 2009.

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