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International Association of Exorcists

International Association of Exorcists
is a Roman Catholic organization that was founded in 1990 [1] by six priests including the world-famous exorcist of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth and Father Jeremy Davies.[2][3]


Although the membership is restricted and exclusive, by 2000 there were over two hundred members. A priest must have permission of his bishop to join and they meet bi-annually in Rome. The association sends out a quarterly newsletter where members can tell of particularly difficult or interesting cases.

Within the Catholic Church a priest may only do an exorcism with the express consent of his bishop or local ordinary, and only, to the extent necessary, after an examination of the patient by doctors and psychologists in order to determine the affliction has no natural origin. A priest is required by canon law to be devout, knowledgeable, prudent, and possess integrity of life.

Father Amorth began the organization in the hopes of increasing the number of official exorcists worldwide and to alert more diocese of the problem, which he believes has been ignored or suppressed by some priests and bishops. Although Father Amorth is the honorary president, the current acting president is unidentified following the death of Father Giancarlo Gramolazzo in November 2010.


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