I'm Famous and Frightened was a Living TV reality TV show in which 8 celebrities stayed for three nights in a "haunted" castle. They had to then do terrifying challenges in order to raise money for charity; each one was evicted until only the winner was left.

The first series aired on Friday 12 March 2004 and was set in Chillingham Castle in Northumberland. It was presented by Tim Vincent. The featured celebrities were:

The second series was set in Fyvie Castle in Aberdeen and was presented by former contestant, Keith Chegwin. The featured celebrities were:

The third series was set in Dover Castle and was still presented by Keith Chegwin. The celebrities that featured were:

The fourth series aired in February 2005, it was set in Bolsover Castle and was now presented by Claire Sweeney. The celebrities featured were:

From Series 2 onwards, a spin-off show, titled I'm Famous and Frightened Extra was introduced, presented by Brian Dowling.

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