Haunting large
Haunting of Winchester House
is a 2009 horror film produced by The Asylum.

Plot Edit

The film follows Susan (Lira Kellerman) and Drake (Michael Holmes), a couple who has agreed to act as caretakers of a mansion based loosely on the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. Susan and Drake are relentlessly tormented by the various spirits who dwell in the house and finally turn to Harrison Dent (Tomas Boykin), a paranormal investigator whom they hope may be able to put the house's spirits to rest. Shortly following the film, Winchester Mystery House, LLC, filed a law suit for copyright infringement and the unlawful use of the Winchester name and story.

Cast Edit

  • Lira Kellerman - Susan
  • Michael Holmes - Drake
  • Patty Roberts (Alternate name Barry Womack) - Haley
  • Tomas Boykin - Harrison Dent
  • David Hendrex - Ghost #1
  • Sarah Hendrex - Ghost #2
  • George Michael Lampe - Nasty Ghost
  • David McIntyre - Officer Cooper
  • Rya Meyers - Marlene
  • Joey Ruggles - Redneck #1
  • Savannah Schoenecker - Margo Hunter
  • Sari Sheehan - Jessica Lloyd
  • Jennifer Smart - Annie
  • Mitch Toles - Blind Ghost
  • Kimberly Trew - Girlfriend
  • Rob Ullett - James Clayhill
  • Frank Weitzel - Gunshot Ghost
  • Jefferson Wilmore - Civil War Ghost
  • Gregory Paul Smith - Faceless Ghost & Redneck #2

External links Edit

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