Ghost Lab is a weekly American paranormal documentary television series that premiered on October 6, 2009 on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Paper Route Productions and Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the program is narrated by Mike Rowe. It follows ghost-hunting brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, who founded Everyday Paranormal (EP) in October 2007.

Everyday Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team whose stated mission is to "visit the most haunted places in America, find evidence, and test new theories to probe the existence of the afterlife" using a fringe-scientific approach.

In addition to Brad and Barry, the team included members Steve Harris, Hector Cisneros, and Katie Burr. Other members included Jason Worden, Ashlee Lehman (Formerly Ashlee Hillhouse), and Steve Hock. Ghost Lab remains the name of EP's mobile command center.

On October 14, 2009, Brad and Barry Klinge were interviewed on The Pat & Brian Show about the origins of Everyday Paranormal, current investigations, and equipment use.[1] On October 30, 2009, Larry King interviewed the brothers via satellite on CNN's Larry King Live.[2]


Ghost Lab originally aired on the Discovery Channel Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. until it was moved to Friday late-nights/Saturday early-mornings due to low viewer ratings. Each episode started out with a text stating: "The Klinge brothers are investigating..." with Brad and Barry conducting a "head-cam" walkthrough around reportedly haunted locations before they continued with the whole team investigation.


Ghost Lab appears on the compilation DVD entitled: Paranormal: Haunts and Horrors.[3] This DVD is produced by the Discovery Channel. The episode is "If Walls Could Talk" (S1-E13) where the Kling Brothers investigated the Lemp Mansion; it is the first episode on this DVD.

Team membersEdit

Everyday Paranormal (E.P.) founders and presidents Brad and Barry Klinge investigated alongside their "on-air" Ghost Lab team which included: Katie Burr (Investigator), Hector Cisneros (Investigator-season 1), Steve Harris (Tech Manager) Steve Hock (Ghost Lab Ops), and newest member Cory Lamey (Team Trainee).

Other Everday Paranormal members included: Ashlee Hillhouse (Investigator), Jason Worden (Investigator/Affiliate Ops Director), and Jenn Hitt (Website/PR Events).

Equipment and techniques usedEdit

During investigations, the team used various investigation equipment, including thermographic cameras, infrared cameras, digital audio recorders, data loggers, EMF meters, laser thermometers, motion detectors, and EVP recorders, as well as a mobile command center called the Ghost Lab, which featured interactive computer monitors, noise filtering audio programs, and various high tech gear. The team also used a variety of paranormal theories to test out some of their techniques during an investigation.

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