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Fr. Ashcraft is a traditionalist Byzantine Catholic priest with faculties to offer both the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and the Latin Rite. He is an internationally recognized authority on the topics of the preternatural, exorcism, possession, spiritual warfare, cults, the occult, and is a strong advocate of Patristics. He is at the forefront of the exposure of the Freemasonic and occult conspiracy within the Vatican, and the conspiratorial nature of the New Age Movement and Globalism.

Father Ashcraft rejects the Second Vatican Council and is a sedevacantist. Sedevacantism (derived from the Latin words sedes or "seat", and vacans or "vacant") is the position, held by a minority of Traditionalist Catholics that the present occupant of the papal see is not truly Pope and that, for lack of a valid Pope, the see has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. A tiny number of these claim the vacancy actually goes back to the death of Pope Pius X in 1914.

Sedevacantists believe that Paul VI(1963–1978), John Paul I (1978), John Paul II (1978–2005) and Benedict XVI (since 2005) have been neither true Catholics nor true Popes, by virtue of allegedly having espoused the heresy of Modernism or of having otherwise denied or contradicted solemnly defined Catholic dogmas. Some of them classify John XXIII (1958–1963) also as a Modernist antipope.


As a media professional he has been the host of several radio talk shows, and has acted as a consultant for various media outlets, including Animal Planet's "Demon Exorcist", National Geographic Channel, and Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures".

Father Ashcraft has appeared on Art Bell's "Midnight in the Desert", "Straight Talk with Scott Ross", "The Jesse Lee Peterson Show", Australia's "Sunday Night Safran", "The Mike Siegel Show", "The Josh Tolley Program", and many more.


He is an independent author and penned a monthly column "The Bare Fisted Cleric" for INTREPID Magazine dealing with issues of faith and culture from a traditionalist point of view. Today he is the editor of Vexilla Regis Theological Journal. [1]

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