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'Divine Paranormal' was founded in September 2011 by Brian Messinger.Edit

Is a professional paranormal investigative team based out of Tomball, Texas. Consisting of a team of volunteer members who use scientific methods to investigate the paranormal. Although they rely on science and the use of technology, they are also open to other methods to investigate the paranormal.

They are here to assist anyone who is experiencing unexplained phenomena and would like a professional investigative team to help find answers. Also they conduct investigations out of their own curiosity and desire to help others. While also hoping to bring scientific and rational explanations to the paranormal field. Their services are completely free.

  • Brian Messinger - Lead Investigator #1, & Evidence Analysis & Founder
  • Matt Leroux - Lead Investigator #2, & Evidence Analysis
  • Kristi Patterson - Equipment Tech, Bait & Evidence Analysis & Promoter
  • Michelle Leroux - Lead Research & Evidence Analysis

A small Interview we did with Kellie Ann Co-Founder of Paranormal Investigation and Research Society!

  • A friend of ours Spirit Gers Kaz poitned this one out to us — at 1960 OverPass/Train Tracks.
  • Orb @ 1960 overpass/Train Tracks

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