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Mini Bio: Edit

Bonnie Vent Headshot with light rays

Bonnie Vent is the owner of: San Diego Paranormal Research , Bonnie Vent’s Spirit Art/Mandala Store and Genesis Creations Entertainment. She is a field research medium and psychic detective located in San Diego, CA. with 20+ years of experience as a “Spirit Advocate.” Edit

Michael Jackson channeled messages with medium Bonnie VentEdit

Michael Jackson channeled messages with medium Bonnie Vent00:00

Michael Jackson channeled messages with medium Bonnie Vent

Bonnie Vent Media InterviewsEdit

Bonnie Vent Media Interviews00:00

Bonnie Vent Media Interviews

Bonnie Vent is the host and field research medium of the documentaries: Conversations with the Dead: An Evening with Marilyn Monroe , Edit

, Conversations with the Dead: The Beautiful Stranger featuring the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA, Bonnie Vent’s Connection Channeling Vol 1 – Session 01-07 Edit

Bonnie Vent’s Book: Conversations with the Dead: The Connection Edit

Book Contributions: The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, The Haunted Whaley House, Weird California. Numerous network affiliate television news interviews, radio and national newspapers, such as The New York Times. Edit

Former Paranormal Consultant/Medium for the nationally syndicated television show: Macabre Theatre. International syndicator of Paranormal News. Edit

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Twitter: Edit  Edit

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