Template:Infobox ParanormaltermsAnomalous operation, also known as anomalous perturbation, is a term used to describe any paranormal phenomena in which it is said that an individual (A) uses Psi (parapsychology) to influence a physical event, or (B) to effect a physical change, in object. There is no scientifically accepted evidence that any such powers exist or that any 'anomalous operations' have been observed in reality.

Overview Edit

Alternatively, anomalous perturbation is defined as an interaction with matter without the use of all known physical mechanisms.[1] It can be used to describe a broad variety of phenomena, including Psychokinesis,[2] Faith healing and reality shifts. There is no scientifically accepted evidence that such 'interactions' have been observed in reality.

An example of Anomalous operation would be the use of Psi to manipulate a random number generator into giving out pre-selected results, or causing a compass needle to change its heading. Spoon bending through Psi would also be a form of anomalous operation.

Anomalous perturbations are divided into two categories based on the magnitude of its effects, Macro-AP and Micro-AP. Macro-AP are phenomenon that do not require complex statistical analysis to remove weak effects from the collected data. Phenomena under this category includes telekinesis, poltergeist, teleportation and materialization. Micro-AP on the other hand covers data that show minute differences that require statistical analysis to rule out expected data that was only randomly generated. This category covers random sources such as noisy diodes and radioactive decay.[3]

References Edit

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