Aaron Sagers[1] is an American entertainment journalist, syndicated columnist, author, paranormal personality/pundit and founder of,[2] a popular culture Website which covers the "entertainment of the unexplained." He has appeared with Zak Bagans as a celebrity guest judge on the Travel Channel show Paranormal Challenge,[3] worked alongside Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures as a lecturer at paranormal tourism events, and has appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM.

Sagers began his career in travel journalism with Budget Travel[4][5] and MSNBC and working freelance before eventually accepting a position with the Tribune Company. His work has appeared in Chicago Tribune,[6] The Baltimore Sun,[7] The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Weekly,[8]The Morning Call[9] and Playboy[10] among other publications.

He has been a contributing author for Lonely Planet travel guides for Costa Rica, ABC-CLIO[11] reference guide on pirates in pop culture, and the H.W. Wilson Company[12] reference guide on the paranormal. Sagers was also a guest editor for the TAPS Magazine,[13] the magazine for the Syfy channel's Ghost Hunters, in March/April and May/June 2011. His book Paranormal Pop Culture: Notes from the Entertainment of the Unexplained is slated to be released in 2011.

Sagers began in 2009 to cover "all forms of paranormal popular culture in mass media - and to have fun while doing it" without "proving or debunking the existence of anything beyond the entertainment factor.[14]" He takes credit for coining the phrase "paranormal pop culture" and has said in interviews he was motivated to create the site after writing multiple well-received articles[15] on Paranormal television, but also because of his childhood love for ghost stories around the campfire, monsters and a love of zombies. His main goal is to examine the "cross section of mainstream pop culture and the paranormal.[16]" He has interviewed a variety of celebrities on both paranormal and mainstream topics, including Dan Aykroyd,[17] Rob Zombie,[14] Stan Lee, George A. Romero,[14] Robert Kirkman and Max Brooks,[14] the cast of Being Human,[14] Mike Mignola, Bruce Campbell.[18]

He remains active as a columnist (of the weekly syndicated "Pop Pundit"[19] column)and generalist features writer on entertainment topics that range from The Office (U.S. TV Series)[20] to character profiles[8] to celebrity profiles such as Anthony Bourdain.[21]

Sagers also contributes as an entertainment pundit to several outlets, including ABC,, Para-X Radio and TAPS Magazine Radio on CNY Talk Radio.[22] His gives lectures on various topics connected to paranormal pop culture at conventions such as Dragon Con and New York Comic Con. Sagers serves as an adjunct faculty of New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology teaching journalism and writing. He resides in New York City and is active on Twitter.[23]

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